A bit about me

I’ve been around the PC industry for decades, and my first modem was a 300 baud coupler. Some of my work over the years you have all at one point used in your machines. Yes, I am what is called a graybeard in tech terms. My specialty is hardware. Designing and building. As far as software goes, I still use Assembly, and Linux for Embedded Systems. I also remember the days when developers built trainers right into their games, so I find it a bit amusing that now we rely on people other than those developers to do what they once did (and if anyone of you younger folks is curious about why they stopped building them into their games, you can ask me and I can tell you).

I joined on here from MAF’s website, where I was a financial donor and attempted to help people who had trainer and hardware issues (and 9 times out of 10 it’s because they forgot to disable their overly aggressive AV software before downloading a trainer). Happy gaming.


Well welcome to wemod. You’ll find out we have an awsome place here
Lotta nice and friendly people and usually the help is pretty quick too
But ya thanks for joining glad you followed mr.antifun over
We are sure glad he joined forces with us !!

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Welcome! It’s awesome that you design and build hardware, I can imagine that’s a stressful but satisfying job!

We also deal with AV issues here, just part of trainer development nowadays.

The MAF partnership is awesome, his trainers are top notch and he works so hard!

I hope you find yourself welcome here!