A couple suggestions for the Windows app on Steam Deck

I know Steam Deck isn’t a priority but a couple things you guys could do to make life easier for us is allow the installer to run as admin, because using any Proton above GE 6 gives a popup saying that it can only be run as a normal user, not as admin. And figuring out why we can’t use the online installer or update it from the app. The online installer always says it needs to be online when it clearly is since all features work when it’s installed,some reason those two things we cannot do. Just updated it, update kept failing so i had to download the latest offline installer and run that. Online installers for other third party apps just work so i have never known why WeMod can’t seem to figure out that we are online when installing or updating it.

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We plan on making minor improvements like this to make WeMod easier to use on the Steam Deck. No ETA, but your input has been very welcome!

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I understand you guys have an internal timeline, but i appreciate you guys taking the time to hear us out. Trying to be as attentive as i can to possible issues that could be solved on the Windows side since that’s the most likely ones you guys can tackle the soonest. I’ve hit every single error message that has happened on Windows, and have worked my way around all of them. Largely just reinstalling or deleting the WeMod folder in Roaming solves most issues I have encountered.

Thanks for digging so deeply into it. Would you be able to summarize all the things that are making it difficult to run on Steam Deck? I’m primarily only aware of the installer permissions and running multiple instances of the app.

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As i said in this post, it can’t be run as administrator but most Proton versions are automatically registered as admin in the UAC and that cannot be changed until they come up with a new workaround, and the online installer claims it can’t connect online when trying to install. Same happens with the update, but it just says update failed. Didn’t check the log, just went straight to downloading the offline installer to update it. As you said, you have to install it to each game but aside from maybe making it easier to install by perhaps bundling and auto installing DotNet when you run the insfaller i don’t think much can be done about that as that’s common with Proton. Installing WeMod on Assassins Creed was particularly annoying because i had to log in to Uplay Connect and WeMod for each game. We get like every error that happens on Windows, but seemingly randomly rather than for a legitimate reason. Largely it runs very well though with few problems so long as you install it properly.

The hard part was figuring out how to get it installed and working because only like maybe 2 people had ever done so according to the WineHQ forums, and so i had to take what little they wrote about it on Wine and figure it out on Proton, which is a bit different. And much of the process i had to figure out on my own through trial and error. But once i got it working, its been largely problem free aside from a few hiccups here and there like i mentioned. The error that baffles me the most is the 64 bit one but usually after a reinstall it’ll work properly. And all my games are legally purchased.