A good way to get original gamertags

I’ve seen a lot of people ask for gamertag help, so I thought I would make this post.

Have you ever been playing xbox and saw someone with a one word “og” gamertag like Stabilities and thought to yourself “Wow! How did they think of that?!” Well here is one way to get cool one word tags.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is find some good words to use. Do this by going to this site: Random Word Generator (Plus)

Once you click that, you should see this screen:

Open Me

Step 2: What you do now is set the Word Type to Adjective and the Complexity to either Average or Somewhat Uncommon. This will allow you to get one word gamertags that are usually available. Note: you can use other Word Types and Complexities, but I find this pair works the best.

I’ll just use the first thing that came up as an example.

Open Me

The GT “Coinciding” is one word and is an actual word, making it ok I suppose. Now time to see if it’s taken.

Step 3: The quickest way to see if a GT is taken is to sign in on xbox.com.

Open Me

Once you do that, hover over the “my xbox” tab, then click on “friends”. It will take you to your friends list. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see “Find a Friend” Type the GT in there like so:

Open Me

Then click the “+” button. If the GT is taken, it will take you to the person’s profile. If it’s available, you will see this message:

Open Me

That means that the GT is free to take!

Another method of doing this that was suggested by Airborn Llama:

Instead of searching for if the gt is avaliable or not on the “Friends Page” (which will take you to their account if it is take)

Instead, simply go to create message, and type in the word, and click the “+”. If it is taken, it will quickly, underneath the word say it is not a valid gt, or it will add it to the right if it is a taken gt.

Open Me

Open Me

3rd way to check:

CheckGamertag.com | Check the Availability of an Xbox Live Gamertag!

This has gotten me many one word gamertags, so have fun!

Gamertags I’ve gotten so far:
Semi Annual

The crossed out ones have been taken already.

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smexy post yankees, i hope you make more of them

Thanks yankees. Even though it seems like a noobish way. its still awesome :wink:

Nice post, I don’t like the idea of silly gamertags but I love the organization.

This makes it so much easier finding original words which people may not have used. Thank you.

I hurd that kyle dun liek this method.
cuz yall stoopid

Too bad its a copy and paste. Googled one sentence and it led me straight to The Tech Game - Community

are you retarted? thats his account. im also a moderator on TTG :expressionless:

notice that one is by yankees to. LOL

That’s my account dumbass.

Troll harder.

All “original” tags are taken.
If you take these tags and call them “original” you’ll just get laughed at…

Notice I do not have an account on TTG to check it. Why would I have an account?
I am just saying it is a copy + paste.

you expect him to write the whole thing differently on TTG’s Sister website? :laughing:

You’re right, they’re not exactly “original”. But I see people asking for these types of tags and this is the most “og” they will get without buying one. :expressionless:

Original Gamertag: Lugnut7

As original as it can get —> [details=Open Me][/details]

No I just don’t like it when people post the exact same thing on 7 different forums.
I guess I just have a weird preference.

It’s a copy and paste of my own post…

Do I need to cite myself or something? :confused:

awzum post Mister Yankees :3

keep up all teh good work D:

Nice Post! For some reason it gave me the letter “D” though?

^ No haha I did the second one. :laughing:

~ Giinger bush

Did you set the complexity to either Average or Somewhat Uncommon? :smirk: