A Wolf among Wemod

Hey there WeMod Nation!

Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself as apparently i skipped this part, (I failed at looking at the other tabs) and want fill the void. I am WolfRain, but most just call me Wolf or Wolfie so pick your poison.

I stumbled upon WeMod after what seemed like endless hours of searching for different mod programs that actually held some sort of candle to ones I have already seen. I have to say I was skeptical at first of course because when dealing with the land of mods you always have a few bad eggs that will put some nasty stuff in the code, but that opinion quickly changed upon seeing all that this program and community had to offer.

In terms of games i’m a J/RPG player with a dash of CCG, and a slight side addiction to Gacha, but i mean hey, it’s not the worst thing am I right?

Well, I’m not sure what else to say so i will end it off here and if you have any questions or want to know more about me, i’m always willing to answer.

With love and Happy Cheating,

Hello there and welcome to the WeMod community. :wave: :smiley:

It’s great having you here, nice to meet you.

I’m probably a tiny bit biased, but I also think that WeMod is the best trainer provider on the internet. And definitely the safest too, especially compared to stand-alone trainers which can be ripped and re-uploaded bundled with all sorts of nasties, iffies and sneakies - something that isn’t possible with WeMod.

Do you have any specific favourite games? Maybe a top three?

Also, thank you for being a Pro user. It helps with the costs of trainer development, software maintenance and keeping this community going. We appreciate it a lot. :metal:

Feel free to get involved in the community, if you wish. We have a few social threads you might like to jump into. And we also have a section where free games are posted occasionally.

I feel like I am becoming a bit bias when it comes to WeMod as well, after a few days of looking around it’s just really well put together which is something I like alot.

As far as top three series, I am an old soul and have grown up with a few series such as Disgaea, The Tales series, Final Fantasy, and The Luminous Arc series.

You’re quite welcome in terms of being a Pro User. I feel like honestly it is deserve because of how great the client is.

I will definitely check those out, and thank you for the kind warm welcome @Ravenfyre