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About Payday 2 VAC Ban System

Hi, I want to use your Payday 2 cheat but is it working like this?

After I download the cheat and the game, etc., I want infinite money, the highest level, totally opened perks, skills, etc. Then I want to play on official servers, can I do that?

Well wemod Is for sure not intended to use online and not made for multiplayer use at all
It is made to use with singleplayer only.
If you use it online or multiplayer you WILL probably get banned

maybe i will use cheats on sıngleplayer then ı wıll left cheatıng and contınue to play multıplayer, wıll ı get banned for that?

No , not unless your character is like all crazy modded and a gazillion dollars.
Still take a chance to go online / multiplayer with any kinda mods to your game