About payday 2

i was just wondering if i use the payday 2 cheat do i get banned easily?

now when i look WeMod App forum category i,m pretty positive i made this on wrong section…

probably not since if they got developed, the devs had this in mind (WeMod devs)

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

You will only ever be at risk of being banned from using trainers if you attempt to use them in multiplayer game modes, including co-op. About 98% of the planet’s game developers do not care what you do in single player games, because you’re only affecting the experience for yourself and not their other paying customers.

In the extremely rare case a developer does have an issue with people cheating in single player game modes, the trainer simply would not exist, since it would be uneconomically pointless as nobody would use it. Out of the thousands of trainers here at WeMod over the years, only three had to be removed due to the game developers deciding to have an issue with single-player cheating. :slight_smile:

You did, but I’ve corrected it so no worries. We can’t expect everyone to know the layout of the forum on their first couple of visits. :slight_smile: