About the languages the software supports

May I ask if you can support the Chinese? I think there are quite a few users from China, so it will be more convenient for them to use this software.

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你好! 欢迎来到社区. :smiley:

China represents a rather large chunk of the gaming market. So having WeMod available in the Chinese language is a good idea economically for WeMod, as well as being very convienient to many more gamers.

Currently, the only language supported is English, but according to this support article, which was updated on December 2nd 2019, more languages are coming soon at some point: Does WeMod support languages others than English? (link)

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the folder have “zh-CN.pak”,how to use?

I’m not WeMod staff but I’d say that it’s likely currently in the software for testing/checking purposes and not yet publicly available. Chinese isn’t exactly the easiest language to translate to from English, so I’d imagine they’re triple checking everything. :slight_smile:

It’ll hopefully be available sometime in the first quarter of this year, according to the community manager, @Chris, here: I recommend the following

cool,thanks guys

They can open a page on Crowdin and we can help then. I will you love to help then to translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

Ok Chinese language should be ready !

trainer is 修改器 not 训练器 , thanks for the chinese version

and i can help with translate the game name if you need