Absolver Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’m having a huge issue like everyone else
Hey! Thanks for your work!
I can´t start via the custom launcher:
“__std_terminate” not found in \WINDOWS\system32\dbghelp.dll , gdi32full.dll and combase.dll
“__uncaught_exceptions” not found in \WINDOWS\system32\msvp_win.dll

I have no idea what this means or how to fix it

its easy fix, uninstall and make SURE to delete the leftover files after uninstall, the steam uninstall does not get rid of all files, solution is to delete the Absolver directory and do a fresh install, this will fix the dll problems and follow the steps to rename absolver.exe and the anticheat directory.

the verify integrity will not work as it doesnt fix whatever is causing the dll problem, but having fresh files work.

p/s: always use wemod to startup absolver, if u try to bypass wemod i think somehow some files gets update causing this problem, if u need to play online just rename the file and directory.

For chinese user:

  1. 請先移除遊戲後, 再重新安裝遊戲 , 安裝後先不要進入遊戲
  2. 替換檔案
  3. 從 wemod 進入遊戲後即可使用嘍.

i know no one plays this game anymore but could you update it with some way to edit currency and skill learning thx

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Outstanding trainer! Would love to see some form of enhanced loot drop or other currency mod.

when i look at my files it only says absolver not absolver exe. am i doing something wrong?