Achievement picture not showing

why do some of the achievement pictures load up prior to you putting the game in, other times it waits til you enter the disc?

The achievements pictures are normally loaded from the Xbox Live servers but I believe they are also stored on the game disc so that might be why.

its strange though cause certain games will have half of the achievements with a picture, and others will be a grey square, its confusing

It takes some time to load them all from Xbox Live.

so when im not connected to LIVE certain pix wont load, but once i connect to live all my pix will load up and they wont be grey squares no more? (my wifi adapter for 360 went out so im waiting for my new one to be delivered)

should also mention i used the achievement unlocker to unlock a few, thats the part that confused me is certain ones i unlocked with it will have the pic right away and others wait til i enter the disc