Achievement unlockers

Hi folks,
Wondering if there are equivalent for SAM for steam
for origins pc, xbox pc, ubisoft pc.
Or any other methods in unlocking them.

aswell as Rockstar on pc

I have never heard of anything myself besides s.a.m. but maybe someone else knows

Please be advised that using software to give yourself achievements which give spendable currency (such as Uplay points or Xbox credit) can be seen as theft or fraud when you use that currency to make purchases from their stores, because you didn’t actually earn it.
It’s very easy to check where the currency came from if they get suspicious (ie - achievements are unlocked too close together to be humanly possible to unlock them legitimately).

The reason SAM exists is because Steam achievements do not give spendable currency. However, an achievement unlocker for a platform where achievements do give spendable currency is potentially a lawsuit waiting to happen. Which is likely why nobody has made one (that I’m aware of) for fear of being hauled before a judge in a court of law.

If something for these platforms does exist - be careful not to spend the currency those achievements give. Only use the software for cosmetic reasons / bragging rights.