Achievements not showing on profile

Hey, i made a dummy account to try out the unlock achievement feature and its been 2 days and nothing has shown up on the account.

i tried making another profile to test again and the same thing happened, i put it back onto my 360 and Gamerscore still at 0 .

is there some step I’m missing in order for it to show up?

Are you unlocking xbox 360 achievements?

Yes only Xbox 360

same here,horizon doesnt work for now,was working a few days ago and now achievements wont sync

Delete the account and recover it. I doubt Xbox changed anything with how achievement unlocking worked, as it has been the same for ~15 years.

have deleted the account two time and have recovered it,and same thing happen,achievements wont sync,have tried 2 different games to sync and nothing

and i have created a dummy profile and unlocked some achievements with horizon and those achievements wont sync either

my last sync was july 31 2022

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I have no idea then as I can’t see them doing an update to the way it worked unless they are no longer dealing with anything xbox 360 related.