Action Taimanin Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Version 2.10.50 Su Jinglei Renewal Update, March 7, 2023

Infinite Health, SP, Super Damage = ALL WORKING PERFECTLY

Hi guys just to inform you that I recently was soft ban (yellow card appearing on the right of my username). I think I got banned because of VR mode because (I don’t use the trainer with arena obviously), though I have been very careful to not appear in the best time records in VR mode which is weird. So be careful guys their anti cheat is getting better.

when can we expect an update ?
lats update was 4 of january.

Why would there be an update if there’s nothing wrong with the trainer?

thx 4 the heads up,id say wait 5 min or wait another 3 mins of the best player then start killing but otherwise dont bother with the VR mode

By the way if there is someone who already experienced the “yellow card” could they tell me how long it lasts? Yellow card prevents me from increasing in rank in arena so… Many thanks in advance!

Could you add unlimited uses for the items? :cold_face: :hot_face: