Action Taimanin Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Super does not seem to be working since this update along with Health


The Action Taimanin cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

miaka’s main canon fire doesnt work only her special skills do insta kill

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right? but i was told 3 comments above this that “Unless someone wants to provide an account with all characters unlocked the issue will not be fixed.” Also it seems the trainer is in working condition as i was 1-shot enemies and didnt take any dmg so yeah

Yep just did some missions everything seems to be working fine

I am just missing Emily in my collection.
I would be happy to help

i dont know how to provide an account but maybe Chris who is a Community Manager might know,and appreciate wanting 2 help :slight_smile:

anyone else having issues like this

the main website ,facebook join, notices, support all go to this

its back up idfk


@MrAntiFun can i ask you some favore ?
-Pls! If you have time pls fix Super DMG cuz it not work with Emily Simmon attack with her droin, only her with Automic move and fast range attack - Like Auto (i mean her is only character in game have auto phay) But cheat DMG not effect with her so yak. (And Super DMG only work in normal attack not EX Skill or anything else so yak all i need just DMG cheat effect with her normal Attack if it fix… it will great :)))
-In case you can’t fix it, can you add reduce no CD for Supporter Skill cuz with some supporter have skill attack all enemy it will faster to farm game.
–Btw thx lot’s for your work hard. You’re only side have cheat this game in PC so yap Best Luk for ya–

me gustaria que el juego tenga el truco de monedas ilimitadas y gemas ilimitadas

While the “multiplayer” functions of Action Taimanin are admittedly limited. There is a small community of players in this game who do challenge each other to get high rankings on the time attack and arena leadboards. Additionally where players place in the Arena leaderboard can also impact ingame rewards players receive.

I’m not too familliar with WeMod’s multiplayer policies but I’m wondering how WeMod’s impact on Action Taimanin overlaps.

Los Trucos De Action Taimanin Ya No Funcionan Por Que Juego Se Actualizo Por Favor Haga Que Los Trucos Vuelvan a Funcionar.

Ya just went in game to see if everything is working at this time but it will not let me turn on any of the cheats

John cuando vas actualizar los trucos y me gustaría que existiera un truco para ganar 1000 gemas podrás hacerlo John.

just jumped in the game and i cant turn any of the cheats on…

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