Add additional information for map tags

The maps feature has been a great addition. A suggestion to make it more useful is adding more specific information to the tags on the map.

For example, in RDR2 the icons for Cigarette Cards contain the category for the cards, but not the card number which would be a huge help in keeping track of which ones we’ve collected. It would be very easy to match cards in our inventory to the ones on the map so we can check them off.

In the maps feature, this Amazing Inventions Card card is labeled like this:

In the game, the card picked up is labeled like this:

Adding something like the card number would be very helpful. This can be applied to nearly all collectibles so that players can quickly mark off things they’ve already found.

You can track your progress on here.

I’m aware of all the free resources on the internet. This is just an idea for improving the maps feature.