Adding bank slots to Borderlands 2 save?

Title says it all, is there a way to mod my save to add bank slots? Theres something about it in the Borderlands 2 editor but I can never get it to work. Any one know how?

Why not just mod your backpack space.

I like carrying around specific weapons, I dont want to have to search forever to find one I want. I have a lot of things I keep because I keep anything that had red text in the desc.

but I figured it out so a mod can close if they see this.

You can change it somewhat with cheat engine up to a max of 16 which has been hard coded (for whatever reason). If you’re playing on PC you can start the game , start cheat engine, then mod your backpack and bank spaces to whatever you want. When you exit, the game will reset to the 27/16 limits, but will not remove anything and you can start cheat engine and change it again the next time you play. Takes maybe 2 minutes. If you’re on xbox, the max of 16 is probably what you are going to be stuck with.

How do you mod the backpack? I have used Gibbed but I don’t see where to do this.

You WILL NEED eridian for this method, so you may want to add some under currency tab in gibbed. This is asuming you have already purchased all available back pack/bank upgrades from Crazy Earl.
In Gibbed Editor, under the tab “raw”, in Black market upgrades, change the last two numbers from “5” to “0”. Reload the game and buy the upgrades from Crazy Earl again. Can be repeated numerous times if desired. This is the only way I know to do it.

GB put in a hard stop at 27. Even if you mod it when the game restarts it will reset to a maximum of 27. If you are playing on PC use cheat engine to mod it after game starts.

Is this the bank or backpack? My modded gunzerker still has 99 backpack slots, though I did the mod weeks ago.

I already said I got it.
I just added a bunch of the same item over and over again in my bank. Increasing my bank size to however many I added. If I want to put something in it, I just replace what I want in there with one of the duplicated items. Works like a charm.
Also, notice this is in “xbox 360 hot games” not PC, so stop giving PC advice, thats what the PC section is for.

This restriction is imposed by the latest patch GB put out. It hasn’t hit the xbox yet since its going through MS certification, but when it does that’s the limit. Xbox is currently enjoying a grace period. Your bank limit is going to be 16 .

First it wasn’t addressed to you ,it was addressed to a later poster.Second my comment was for xbox and pc. I just mentioned the cheat engine pc method because some people play on both platforms. Second, you’re not a moderator,so don’t try acting like one.

DDjusD is absolutely right in how you can change the bank and the limit for xbox at the moment. The Bee nerf patch however screws things up for both the backpack and bank. Here’s a link to the blog for the creator of the editor. In the comments section they discuss the slot limit.
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