Adding Uplay+ Category in WeMod


since Uplay+ has started and games now have another executable (Anno 1800 has “Anno1800.exe” and “Anno1800_plus.exe”), how about adding another trainer category in the WeMod app called “Uplay+”?
Players cant vote for updates, because WeMod says trainers are compatible. And it’s true, they are compatible, but only for the non-Uplay+ versions.

Thx for reading my post and I hope it’ll be implemented in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you tried adding a custom install using the Uplay+ .exe? The .exe name may have changed, but it may still be the same otherwise and I’d doubt Ubisoft put that much effort into their new subscription.


I’ll await your results :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably needs a whole new trainer for uplay + games or exe’s

Yes I have. I’m a nerd. xD :nerd_face:

Uplay+ games do not require a new trainer. Make sure you are using the trainer by MAF for anno 1800. I tested it this morning and everything is working correctly.

I am using the trainer by MAF and I am not the only one with this problem. Check out the Anno 1800 trainer section. Some cheats are working, some not.

Have you tested it with the normal or the UP+ version?

Yes, I had it installed previously without UPlay+ then subscribed to uplay+ and downloaded it again just to test it.

if you tried it, did it work? cuz before update the wemod, i could add anno1800_plus.exe to the trainer but now its not possible…know how to?

Use the normal exe not the + exe.

I cant get AC Odyssey working on wemod, I installed of Uplay +, I linked the .exe but it just doesnt find the game