Advanced Warfare help

I burned it, it loads, i hit play and i get unsupported disk. somebody help me please.

I haven’t run into this error before, but this thread someone had it and they fixed it by reflashing their drive. Does your drive read other xgd3 games?

Yes. It does.

What do you use to burn with and what settings? Also has it only happened with advanced warfare? If your using the same drive and settings as the other games that work, then maybe it’s just a bad burn? Also are you using memorex or verbatim.

Memorex, and just a external dvd drive i bought. same stuff i usally use. And it happened with both discs

Try checking the quality of the burn with Kprobe and post the picture here. Because your Xbox reads other xgd3 burns and you used the same burner then, maybe it’s the discs your using or your burner is going bad, or just really bad luck and two of them went bad.

memorex are terrible for xdg3 games. also best to get an ihas burner for better quality discs. make sure you use verbatim for burning too

Try and use Verbatim DL DVD+R (MKM003-00)
Also, make sure your on the latest dash.

I had the same problem.

Go here:

Do what it says at the top, you will have to run abgx again to fix the topology data and reburn the disc.

I did that, im downloading a different copy, but its taking forever -_-

i dont have the dat file ? how do i get it
never mind i got it