After running a trainer Windows Update and Defender not working

After running a trainer for Assassin’s Creed Origins and restarting my PC, Windows Update gives an error: 0x80070424 and Windows Defender doesn’t start and can’t be started.

I’ve reinstalled Windows, played the game, rebooted a few times and all is well. I downloaded Infinity and ran the trainer and the issues came up again. Reinstalled, tested again with a Far Cry 5 trainer, issues happened again, and I’m positive its something with Infinity.

Anyone ever experience this?

Infinity does not affect neither Windows update nor does it affect defender in any way.
It’s a huge coincidence that it happens when you start Infinity.

Do you have an Antivirus installed?

I just have Defender and Malwarebytes free. This has happened with previous trainers too. It’s very odd. Never used to happen then about a month ago it’s whenever I start a trainer then reboot my Windows Update and Defender are not functioning.

Check if you’re not already infected.
You could also check win defender and update startup mode in services.

When I ran a trainer with Infinity or a stand alone, it would throw the error for Update and Defender wouldn’t start. I’d scan with antivirus or Malwarebytes and see a couple Trojans. I’d do the cleanup, then in my services I just cannot get either to turn back on. Update is corrupted and Defender can’t be started.

This hasn’t happened a few times and each time I do a clean install. Very frustrating. It’s something with the trainer. I did nothing else but download infinity and AC Origins on this fresh install.

@frank could Infinity corrupt Win defender and update in any way?

jbarr open cmd as admin and type in “sfc /scannow” (without the quotes).

No, infinity can’t corrupt files but it can be corrupted by antiviruses and other software.

What trojans does malwarebytes detect? Is your copy of ac origins legit? Or cracked?