Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It’s not meant to work in online. All WeMod trainers are designed for singleplayer/campaign modes only

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I would like to see the “Godmode” function in the trainer.
Is it possible to include this function again, thanks in advance!

is it just me or the mod didnt work on the march patch? i already pressed the hotkeys and did as instructed but nothing happened

Same for me. No matter what I try it does not work

Everything really seems to work here. Please note: …start the trainer when the map to be played has been fully loaded. After you have completed the map, deactivate the trainer again. And furthermore, you are unfortunately limited to the 7 options that are included in this trainer.

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I can confirm that it works this way. Load the map and then start the trainer. Works fine

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ah yes its work, thanks

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hey Wemod ,love the trainer . So any chance that you can throw in a godmode or unlimited health ?! …you have it in AoE 4 and it works great.also throw it in AoE 2 also …xoxoxo

Guys I just found out one of the older trainers that was made by fling works perfectly this patch.
Works in campaign atleast Im on my 3rd mission without it crashing.

That trainer has Godmode, oneshot and so on.

yeah So I played through the whole campaign and did some skirmish games aswell. Didnt see a single crash but some of the mission starts bugged out because I had Super Damage/One Hit Kills Activated. Disabled it and restarted the mission and everything was fine. I also have a few mods installed.

Reset population doesn’t work

Unlimited health for units, workers, buildings etc. for player only?

None of the cheats work for the game can you please fix this :slight_smile:

-yeah I just realized I have a few mods installed aswell, that might be why I had infinite pop. My bad.