Alien Isolation Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Medical floor where the alien burst through the vent, and you have to find the Doctors rounds and visit the rooms you find on the white board.

Hi i recently got the infinity mod app and it worked on my alien isolation for about 2 mins then when progressing it suddenly closed. no error report simply a box asking me if everything worked or not. I did not get my copy from steam i got it in a torrent. could that be the reason it keeps crashing? any help would be appreciated.

A side not i have run it as admin and enabled it in my firewall.

Infinity does not support cracked games however it may be that you don’t have the latest version of the game, if you do then I can’t be of anymore help.

Trainer is for v1.9. Some cheats should still work though

the cheats work beautifully it just shuts the game after i go downstairs lol.

Try going past the crash point before loading the trainer in to the game see if that helps

ok ill give it a try thank you

nope just cuts out at another section of the game

You can find out v1.9 update publicly. Get that, the trainer should work fine.

I haven’t played the game in a few weeks and have since uninstalled it, but I remember dumb alien didn’t work for me either. I was definitely using the up to date steam version. I’m pretty sure everything else worked fine too, no crashes.

Been playing the game again on Steam with Infinity for cheats. One thing I have discovered that will crash the game every time is using a ladder while using the cheats. Not sure if its all the cheats that cause it or just one, I use all of them except dumb alien. If I launch the game again without the cheats the ladder will work just fine.

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Well if you figure out what cheat is doing it , toggle the cheat off when you come to a ladder !

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It’s either infinite flashlight or items that causes the crash, most likely items.

What are the change log for this cheat ?

Huh? Trainer or game hasn’t been updated for ages.

With the big change on the web site (new system to vote for trainer and etc.) it was indicated in “Available” that the trainer was updated. But it was maybe a bug, who is corrected.

Oh yeah there was a bug.

It seems the game freezes with infinite items activated if you try to use ladder. It also freezes when you try to use the flashlight with infinite flashlight

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Yeah, the game freezes for me too when using the ladders with cheats activated, really annoying.


well dumb aliens does not work with aliens still kill you.