Alien Isolation - Security Access Tuner Slow Down?

How can I slow down the security access tuner?

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Having played this game two or three times, I don’t think there is a way. My hand-eye co-ordination sucked with this, but keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.
We’re not alone though - ie: Level 3 Access Tuner :: Alien: Isolation General Discussions

I believe it is the way it is on purpose, to make you, the gamer, feel genuine fear for your character’s life in a life/death scenario, as you would do if it was really you in real life. The game’s atmosphere does a pretty awesome job of that, which is rare in virtual worlds currently.

Maybe the speed can be adjusted by lowering your difficulty level, but this is a guess, I no longer have the game installed. Scratch that - I just remembered the game doesn’t let you change difficulty once you’ve started playing, unless that’s changed since I last played.

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I’ve completed the game quite a few times on all difficulties. If you’re new to the game the tuner will become easier to use as you use it more. You just need to be as quick as possible with it, I know, you already are trying to be! It had me pulling my hair out the first few times I played through the game. Now I could probably use it blindfolded, no, that would be impossible. Just study how it works and get to know the symbols well and it will become easier. Whatever you do don’t give up on the game. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and I will be playing through it many more times in the future. Good luck!

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Many thanks to you both. I persevered and eventually got there. But now I have another problem that either of you may be able to help me with. I am at the beginning of 17 and have to activate the transit to Manhattan habitation but when I enter the transit it won’t come up with the " go to…" message. I have re-booted the game several times but to no avail. Any ideas please?

Is that after the comms mission? I do remember issues like yours happening to me and sometimes rebooting fixed it and I think a few times I had to start from the previous mission and then all was good. I’ll do some research in a bit when I have some time.

It’s the beginning of the mission where I have to extend the platform for the ship to dock. I have tried starting from the previous mission but that doesn’t work. I suppose there is no way round to reach the Habitation block without using this transit? I live in hope, no matter how small!!

If I was to uninstall the game and re-install it, as I think that may be the only way to solve the problem, is it possible to keep my saved games?

It might be better to verify the integrity of the game files. This is a scan which checks the game’s files on your PC for anything that is missing or corrupted - both of which are no fault of your own of course.

Most uninstallers ask you if you want to keep or delete your saved game history - but not all of them. You can make a back-up just in case, if you do down the re-installation route. Save files are usually (but not always) found in My Documents > My Games.

Hi, I installed it from Steam so I have followed your link and verified the files, but it has not told me there was a problem. Now I shall have a go, with my fingers crossed!!