All Halo Reach Ranks

Here is all the Ranks Put into a chart for easy viewing. I made this using a 3 or 4 page chart from another site.
This is a Spoiler. Do Not Click This If You Wanna Wait And See Them By Progression.

Open Me

Wow these ranks looks amazing but Reach needs no skill for ranking up :anguished:

Yeah, I know, Sorry I had to change the way the post was. Couldn’t just have people spoiling their own fun without a Warning First.

Awesome picture.
Its crazy that we need 23,500,000 CR to get to the last rank.

haha I remember that i’ve already seen all of them on another site

Agreed I miss that system.

Thanks, Took me about 30 minutes to put together, and yeah it does seem a little extreme on the credits side huh?

Indeed, very extreme.

I played halo 3 cause i had fun ranking up (High Skill) now it’s just playing and playing… i am good at Reach but it gets a little boring cause there’s no competition

LOL, I Love going into Swat and Pickin’ off people who think they’re the cats meow. It’s really fun.

Already posted.