Amazon S3 Offline?!

Amazon S3 (the internet’s hard drive) is experiencing outages in the region that we store images and other assets of the forum and website in. Images and attachments will be broken till everything is back up :frowning:

Thanks for the info, I thought it was my stupid internet.

Does it affect the trainers?
After your post a lot of people started to say they can’t download a trainer or can’t use them

Yes ,the trainers are downloaded from the server whenever you run a game for the first time through the app, and if you’ve already used Infinity to cheat in a game then you don’t have to re-download that particular trainer.

Welp I’m sorry for those 2-3 guys that just started to use Infinity then. What an unlucky time :smiley:

How old is Infinity anyway?
I discovered it about a month ago
Also the amazon service is up!!

About 16 months. We released in mid December 2015.

Evidence that if you want to take out the world - take out Amazon first.


Or only