An Eco Global Survival Experiment trainer don’t start

we’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game
I don’t know what else i can do :frowning:

Can you please give us some more information?
What did you do before this message appeared?
Did you start the game and then clicked on play on the trainer from WeMod?

Information and official discussion topic about the trainer can be found here:

I already tried adding ECO.exe location
location but it doesn’t work
Other games are okay
I tried to launch game via steam and then click play on WeMod, got the error ‘We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game.

The game had an update last month, therefore the trainer likely needs an update.

See this post here: Eco - Global Survival Game Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #15 by Ravenfyre.

Any further discussion on this needs to go in the trainer’s official thread to prevent accurate information being fractured and hard to find. Official trainer threads are found by clicking the Discussion button in the trainer. :slight_smile: