Android Mobile Hotspot

I have a weird problem. I understand the basic concept of using wemod online then going offline and it works bc it’s stored in the cache whatever that means. But here’s my issue: if I’m at work, I’m relegated to my mobile Hotspot. If I download a new steam game that I’ve never used wemod for (and it downloads fine BTW, internet is not the factor) and then try to use wemod, it gets stuck in an infinite loading loop. If I get home and connect to the ‘good’ internet, it loads fine.

What I did, and I’m dumb for doing it, was uninstalling wemod and then reinstalling. It wouldn’t let me play ANY of my games until I got home. I can’t wrap my brain around the concept of my phone being a choke point for wemod because internet is internet. Wtf?!

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I’m tryjng to figure this out as well. I use a netgear mobile hotspot at work. And sometimes it works fine and other times wemod just gets stuck