Anno 1800 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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First of all, don’t spam by double-posting.

Where did you get your copy of the game from? Steam? GOG? Cracked/pirated?

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sorry bro I did not mean it . I have just a craked game and my friend recommended to use wemode for fun and to like the game then I will buy it
thanks for your time .

WeMod does not make trainers to work for cracked games.

This is for technical reasons. And also because we do not support criminal activity, such as the theft of digital property.
See: No support for cracked games? - #3 by Instinct.

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okay thanks dude alot thank you so much and good luck in the future

If I enable unlimited health, the enemy is able to destroy my ships with one hit. I am also able to destroy their ships and buildings with one hit. But… it does not matter when I want to take their island. No progress bar or anything else.

Hello. I’ve been using wemod for a few days nows and i’m pretty happy. I have installed Anno1800 and the cheats work well, except for 2 things.

The most important is that after the game loads, it vanishes from desktop and it goew to background and i can’t get it in front. So i hae to turn off the game from task manager and then start it again, and if i am lucky i’ll get to play.

The second issue is that when i get the full storage cheat on the game goes either to background as i mentioned above or it stucks and i have to restart my pc.

Any solutions?
Thank you for your time

Why is there a selection for Steam for Anno 1800? Steam doesn’t even have Anno 1800.

yes it has, only for people who made the pre-order back then when it came out, ubi still supports the so called dlc’s for the steam buyers. its now hidden from any user who wants it since ubi left steam.

Game’s been updated, so the trainer needs yet another update.
Ubisoft is fast with the content, ain’t they?

Using the unlimited warehouse mod. building/trades now lower what you have in store until you click on the warehouse again.
ran out of fur coats as i was selling them on a route. got some grumpy peeps

Unlimited Warehouse Resource doenst work perfectly.At the beginning you have all the resources, but as soon as you go up a level it shows that you still have all the resources full, but you have to press the office first so that the cheat works.

Cheats are not working whenever i activate them they automatically deactivates with no effect in-game


hi ~ Mrantifun , thank you for your work to make this games trainer , today , they upgrade the game , and add the new games content , “Golden Ticket” ,if player want this thing , have to finish the “scenario mission” , then get golden ticket

may i trouble you to add this cheat option ? to change golden ticket ? thank you

You will need to provide a copy of your game save and your character’s name if there is any chance of this being added.