Anno 2070 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Worry with the Father faction in the campaign in the last mission. The latter is also invisible in the god mode.

could add to not have the fleet limit or god mode?

The queue for this trainer to being update went from #4 to #7 sad

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now #11, they want work with indies than help us with this classic! So far I haven’t found any that have updated or made a trainer that works in the new version!

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So its been a week already and no updates on this trainer maybe someone else should make the trainer like Mr.Antifun instead of Stingerr? There is other cheat platform that alr have available cheats for this version 3.0


i thy find but don’t find nothing only the ******* of ch**t hppns but that forces you to pay! I prefer here that when I have conditions I can help them but I’m not forced to! but I couldn’t find it anywhere even by cheatengine table!

Been weeks now and this game still hasnt been updated? maybe let other creators take over ? cus this game has been bumbed from #1 to #7 all week


yeah he messed with us making us wait when the game got to #3 on the list he played for #11 on the list and kept going back and forth instead of helping us kept us waiting like fools!


Yeah probly at this point the updates not coming any time soon as it was #1 for more then a day and still didnt even get worked on :frowning:

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Stingerr is only working on Anno besides timberborn which is #7 so that is still at the top of his own queue. IF he had three games in the top 3 then its logical that he would be working in the order they are in. Since the top five games currently being worked on by different creators those are all in their own respective queues. But testing might take some time, who knows

edit: and just like that its updated

infinite resources being on ships instead of warehouses broke my legs!


LMFAO, I cant get the damn items off my ship with it on. Even if you turn it off you have 9999 items to be removed or sold. I would just dump it out in the ocean to get new resources

XD yea its a pain doing the same tbh just dumpin it at a edge of the map and then leaving it :frowning: wish he would fix it

Hey @Chris , how do we request an edit for a cheat? It’s behaving in a way that is more tedious to work with than being easy. Stingerr was the editor

curious, anyone getting game glitches with the unlimited resources where the buildings using the cheat(the unlimited resources) is not physically there but just an image/mirage/ghost of the building?