Another xbox slim case mod

ok 4th time lucky i hope… if the links dont work then im sorry but i have uploaded some pictures, stupid copyright people!!
but anyway this is a custom case i made for someone on this site, same as my other one really except the video shows how i made it.

Xbox 360 Modding Service- Making The Blue Slim - YouTube

for the people who cant see the video heres the pictures used in the video

[details=Open Me]


if the youtube link decides to kill itself again then use this link, yes the music is different thats because of copyright crap


Picture time.

god damn it ._____. thanks youtube

Video works fine for me.
Nice job man!

Y it don’t work for me? Nookie?

Who knows, works fine for me.

Case looks nice, but I would have just bought the xcm dvd top cover. IMO it looks better

Also if you ever get really bored you can get a clear case for the HDD then put some leds in it if you can find small enough ones.

i might have to use that idea in my next case mod, which by the way im starting soon :smiley:

Also what size fan is that? Smaller than a 120mm i’m guessing

Stupid iphone4/s

its an 80mm fan, i would of used a 92mm but the heat sink has holes for an 80mm which is easier

One more question, do you use any type of epoxy to hold the window in? I’m guessing you just used plastic, also how thick is the plastic? I’m currently in the middle of painting my case and want to add a couple windows to it

The case looks good, the only thing I don’t like is how your cuts for the case aren’t to straight.

i used 2mm thick clear acrylic or pexiglass and i used a super strength poxy and glue gun to make sure that it wouldnt come off

the slants to the windows are on purpose and yes the cut lines arent 100% straight D: but in my next case mod i’ll make sure that they are :smiley:

I need a dremel D:

get some protective gear while your getting it! having hot shards of plastic hitting your eyes is not nice

Damn Thats hot

Daaaaaaaaaamn, who did you make that for? :wink:

Awesome job dude, you definitely lived up to the hype… Will definitely be referenced, and great job!

Looks good except that the wiring at the back stands out a lot.

Oh you know just made it for some ausome guy called unnounn :thumbsup: