Antivirus Issues - Feedback and Troubleshooting

Infinity and Antivirus

Your antivirus software may tell you Infinity is a virus, or it’ll just prevent Infinity from installing or working properly without any notice.

But rest assured that Infinity is and always has been safe and virus-free.

When we released Infinity 4 a couple weeks ago, we included a way for users to obtain a Pro membership by mining cryptocurrency on their computer. The feature was optional (opt-in only), completely transparent, and was received very well by those who enabled it. For the initial implementation, we used a third-party service named Coinhive. Coinhive is safe and secure, but it has been used maliciously by other websites and apps by enabling it WITHOUT the user’s consent. Because of this, many antivirus products flag anything using Coinhive as a virus.

We have since removed the feature from Infinity, but it’ll take some time before antivirus software catches up. We are doing our best to contact the individual companies.

Until this is resolved, we’d like to keep track of all antivirus-related errors in this topic.

Antivirus-Related Infinity Issues

Failed to Install

This is always due to antivirus software blocking Infinity from installing. Read below for possible solutions.

Other Issues

Please post in this topic if you’re running into other issues that you believe are related to your antivirus.

Problematic Antivirus Software


Solution: Uninstall Bitdefender. Simply disabling it doesn’t seem to work.


Solution: T.B.D.


Solution: T.B.D.


Please post in this topic if you’re experiencing issues with an anti-virus not listed above. Include as much information as you can. Screenshots and log files are appreciated!

Thanks for bearing with us as we help these antivirus companies get it together!


As for Avast, I’m not sure if this is going to be useful for others as well or not but what I did fix all of my problems.

First, go to your setting, then from general open “exclusions” tab. On first tab “File Paths,” add wemod installation folder, then open the last tab " Hardened Mode" and add both Infinity .exe file then save it and restart your computer which should solve your problem. (This is how it worked for me)

Is there a way around bitdefender? Im not willing to uninstall it just for infinity to work. I had issues since the new update. Infinity shuts down after I try to use it for a game

You can try adding infinity to its exceptions and deactivate advanced threat detection. Other than thar no.

Contact bitdefender? You paid for it the least they can do is let you use your computer?

Boa Noite, estou tendo um problema na hora de instalar o programa de vocês creio que não é o anti virus ou qualquer outra coisa mas ele da um erro de instalação de .net framework ou algo assim… espero que possam me ajudar;

English please

You wouldn’t happen to know if there something similiar for Bitdefender? I did application access with infinity but there must be another thing I’m not seeing. Still blocks it when I use it for games. It even deleted one of my games when I was trying to use infinity.

Firewall , windows defender sometimes interferes
Or delete your antivirus all together

advanced threat something something must be completely deactivated.
Also added exceptions but even then it might not work 100%

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So what you guys are telling me is there’s nothing I can do? I’d buy pro if they get this thing with bitdefender and windows defender thing figured out. Anyone know anything similiar to Infinity? After this last update I couldnt use this for any game. Even uninstalling it and reinstalling it I can’t even get it anymore

It isn’t up to us. You’re using a ■■■■ antivirus and on top of that they won’t even acknowledge you(is their support even responding to you?) yet infinity is to blame.

Some people!. you know the solution. Get a better antivirus or don’t use one at all.

Just fyi any trainer out there will have problems with antiviruses because every av is pathetic and doesn’t do its job properly anymore.

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To answer the other question NO , there is nothing like infinity out there !
I have not used an antivirus in years because i know what i am downloading !

I am using AVG and the game will start but then quite on its own.

Well allow infinity in its exceptions list. Or better yet delete it !

i did delete it and still the game does not play am trying it on Agents of Mayham to be correct. But it just may be a trainer issue not a infinity issue.,

Read the trainer threads (listed here) if you are having issues. Agents of Mayhem Cheats and Trainer The trainer is broken and will probably never be fixed.

Correction: Trainer is working fine. Game doesn’t like infinity

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g data internet security detect a virus ( for Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition )

sorry for my bad english i’m french

False positive allow infinity in your antivirus probably what it is