Any chance to join Wemod?


I saw that you have German, English, and Chinese versions of the website, and I would be happy to assist with adding French and Arabic. I’d also want to join the mod team for those languages, if such opportunities are available of course. Please let me know if this is of interest to you, and I will provide additional information.

Thank you for reading!

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Community members can provide translations here: Thanks for the offer to help out with them. Note this is entirely voluntary.

If by “mod team” you mean the community staff helping to support users, those are hand-picked by the Community Manager (@Chris) here at WeMod depending on several proven factors within both the forum and Discord communities. Such as their helpfulness to the community, their attitude towards others, their loyalty and experience.
If by “mod team” you meant to become a trainer developer, you’d need to understand C++ and Assembly, as WeMod’s trainers are rather advanced. If you possess those skills, do feel free to submit your CV / résumé to WeMod’s support address (as a first test of your knowledge of WeMod, I’ll let you find the address yourself :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Hi there,

Thank you for the response! I’m not a trainer developer, I’m actually a Marketing & Public Relations manager and I obviously love gaming. I also have academic experience in linguistics and I personally master Arabic and French. I will check the link you’ve provided, thank you again for taking the time to explain everything!

Hi @butefluko, thank you for your interest in translating WeMod.

At this time, we aren’t in need of a French translator.

As for Arabic: it would be a significant undertaking to support a right-to-left language in the app. However, please feel free to message me your contact info in case we ever decide to support it!