Any cool GT names?

Does you got any cool GT name i could have, im looking for new GT name, simple and nice. What GT’s u got? :thumbsup:

Im Too Legitti


You mean “do you” or “does anyone got a good gamertag that I could have”

Surprise Buttsex?

Sorry for asking

Didn’t mean to offend you but I couldn’t understand what you were saying so I had to correct you. I just dont have any.

gt: BigFatHookerz

try this 1 :thumbsup:

I Can Give You Mine!
The GT Is: “XMB Google”


I wish I had an OG.

Is :“FlipTeck” Original??

Gt Epic

Sorry to say, but you would’ve had to understand him to correct him. It’s like me correcting someone speaking a different language. I can’t do it, unless I understand them.
And sorry Leggiti, I don’t have any good ones as of now.

I have “Turtle” :smiley:

I have two gamertag that I had for a long time its called…

Gamertag : AssOrgasm
Gamertag : AssOrgasms

Not exactly. I had to put words in his sentence to understand what he was talking about.

Actually it would be “does anyone have a good gamertag…”

And I have one that I was going to use to kill nuke boosters: NUKE 4 TEH LULZ

Soo…You can have it. PM me if you want it. Lol.

o, fair enough.
And the GT: O 6G is free, it’s alright if your looking for a short name.
Gamertags that are avaliable.
Lag Exercise
The 1337 Media

Only view if you can handle a little discrimination

Foxy Jew Hunter

All I got for now.

Perfect GT…

Cow Boy Butt Sex :smiley:

OpTic legitii Just made that name up btw, never used b4


i sent PM’s to several guys. Thanks