Any one have the Vault of glass hard raid gamesave

I was wondering if anyone has a character with the Vault of Glass hard checkpoint so i can just come and get it. This is for 360 plz post here or msg me on Gt: Bearslayer703

Destiny is a server sided game, so you can not just simply download a gamesave and change the IDs and have the same GPD as the other person, if you could do that people would just be using modded gamesaves for GTA V.

Yeah but he can join in someone else’s game and get their checkpoint. I’m going to assume that’s what he meant :thumbsup:

He’s talking about the checkpoint bruh, but Panda are you at least level 27? You need to be to join on hard (I don’t have a checkpoint on it yet)

Im a 26 (so close to 27) and i just want to push him off reall fast becuz i dont have time this week to lvl up and get a team. And yes i mean game save ill edit it

Make sure you upgrade the defense on your armor as it adds light :smile:

I need the same thing. If anyone has a hard mode checkpoint on Atheon, please PM me so I can come grab it.

Edit: Just kidding. I joined a random group off of and we beat it on hard. I wanted to just grab a checkpoint to share with you guys but then again I really wanted to beat it for the first time on hard. Glad I did too, cause I got the warlock helmet I really needed. Now I just need the hezen boots and I’ll be at Lv30.

Would also like this, 27 Hunter and pretty tight for time this week. Just want to get my hands on that loot :smile: