Any Shoe Enthusiast, I Need Help Finding These

So, school is around the corner and I’m looking to get some new kicks. I’ve barely worn my last pair of Nike Free Runs so I’m looking for some casual Nike shoes.

I’m looking for these,

But I can’t find these ANYWHERE.

They’re Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski. As for this color/edition, I’ve had no luck finding these for sale.

Thanks to anyone who attempts to help me!:slight_smile:

I have the black version of these…

Use your own colors or replicate, GG’s and have a good day.

So much money…Lol

How much are you willing to pay at most? I’ll check some of the sneaker websites I’m aware of and keep an eye out.

Regular price so, 85-100

So I did all my research, the model and colorway you’re looking for is from 2011, and is no longer produced/sold. Source -
You would either have to look for resellers, sneaker groups on Facebook would be good for this (I know NYC has a Facebook page for buying/selling kicks) or pick a different colorway or shoe completely :S.
In case you decide to pick a different shoe/colorway, here are a couple links -

The closest I could find to that colorway were -

These are expensive? I got mine for free :smiley:

Well I’m referring to customizing these, so $125 yeah. Too much for me lol. I’d rather pay that much for some customized Free Runs or some cleats.

Shoes never really mattered to me in school.

I just like some good comfortable shoes, did I also say affordable? :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, if you want a pair of comfortable shoes, that are also decent looking, hop onto the Roshe Run bandwagon. They’re comfortable and look decent enough, also cheap.
Or, spend $110 for a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, can’t go wrong there.

I’ve thought about hopping onto the Roshe bandwagon, but I can’t seem to leave my Free Runs.

I thought shoes were a woman’s endeavour?

Not that I know of. If you think I’m a shoe enthusiast then oh man…you have no idea lol.

I guess I’m a woman then :smiley:

I wish < 3< 3< 3< 3< 3< 3< 3< 3< 3< 3

Shoes are a woman’s thing. A lot of dudes are into sneakers. We’re considered sneakerholics or Nike heads. I’m a semi-Nike head, mainly Dunk SB 6.0 lows, and a few select Adidas Campus ST builds get my toes saying Yes.

Nike head video

I only buy my kicks from outlet stores, TJ Maxx/Marshals, or Ebay. I never pay more than 50-60% of suggested retail price. I’ve even found some slick like new or new out the box kicks at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in the past for under $15. It doesn’t happen often, but it has more than a few times.

I think anyone who’s heard your voice already knew that.