Any suggested games to play?

I’m still pretty new to PC Gaming and my collection is growing gradually. I now want some recommended titles, things to try and play etc. I’m on the search for something that’s going to take most of my time like Destiny did but I’m not sure this will come until The Division is released.

Also hoping to build the friends list on Steam too…

Here is my game collection so far:-

Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3
Metal Gear Solid 5
The Complete Batman series
XCOM (about 5 different titles)
Civilization 5
Elite Dangerous (I need some serious practice flying though)
Alien Breed 1,2, & 3
Fallout 4

I will start with one of these:
Batman Series
Civ 5
ME Series

One of those. Try that :slight_smile:

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I’d go for the batman series for sure, awesome series of games with a rich driven narrative story and tons of side quests to keep you occupied on each game. Gameplay is kickass too.

Off-Topic: Also, just a tip to build up your collection, I recommend keeping a eye out on humble bundles, a lot of them can be ■■■■, and most won’t be new games but occasionally you get good games and bundles and you pay what you want. Right now there’s a decent bundle, most are redeemable on ubisoft but call of juarez gunslinger is a fun game included for steam.

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Halo Online

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Fallout 4

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Any other games that I DON’T own?

Some i like:

  • Divinity: Original Sin
  • Borderlands Series
  • The Wicher Series
  • Rogue Legacy
  • BioShock Series
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • PAYDAY 2
  • Total War: ROME II
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Havent tried the old once you own, but this is awesome)

:3 Dont buy everything at once


I can vouch for payday 2. Great game.

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Mass effect and Dragon age games are good if you dont mind RPGs
Payday 2 is good

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Can you reccomend me some good RPG to play? I already have games like: Skyrim, Witcher series, Fallout series, and don’t know what to play next.

  • Deus Ex
  • Borderlands
  • GTA
  • Shadow Of Mordor
  • South Park
  • FF

Enough to get you started. Either way, this is an old topic.
Please make your own topic instead of reviving old once :wink:

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