Anybody want to play on the Wii U?

For the Wii U, i only have the newest Smash Bros. and Splatoon. This continues off of my Xbox 360 games post.

You shouldn’t make multiple topics about basically the same thing IMO. Especially not when you only have two games for each platform (excluding xbox 360).

Boi, i can do this. IMO this is completely fine. :yum:

Also, i have the newest Metal Gear and Batman Arkham Knight for the PS4 but i never play them, my friends brought em over and i never really played them.

Can you use WeMod on wii u for cheats i hate dieing in Botw alot

Nope it’s for pc only plus this thread is 2 years old don’t revive old threads please

shoot ok XD ill go plug in my Wii u system card then hack from there