Anyone Know How To Change The Name of An Item In Skyrim?

Yeah so I’ve had a look around and couldn’t find much, surely there’s a console command for PC to change an item name or something? :laughing:

Why would you change an item name? What purpose would that do?

If my very basic knowledge is anything to go by, you can’t do it.
I think you can name enchanted items (?) but just normal items? I don’t think so

I haven’t played Skyrim too much yet so I am not sure



Lol just a random guess, the command is ui_mapname or ui_gametype from MW2 xD

Just for a joke rather than anything, just messing around.

Dont think there is a console command for that. or if its possible, unless you find the files that the weapons are stored then attempt to edit it in there. but i bet its encrypted etc etc etc.