Anyone working on a gta sa editor?

as title says is anybody working on a grand theft auto: san andreas save editor? i’m looking to do cash and ammo ect.

i done a spot of searching yesterday and found a few x360 SE but they didnt seem to work or read my extracted save from horizon.
im with you though i hope someone releases one soon

I don’t see why a save editor would be needed. You can use the original cheat codes which would do everything you might be able to with a save editor and more

Cheat codes disable achievements…not that I’m complaining but I’m sure that’s why they would like one

yep exactly for this reason it doesnt interfere with achievements then.

achievement unlocker ? lol

i don’t use the achievement unlocker myself i don’t want take a chance with bans, 105k gamerscore with no unlocker used.
and yes all i need is a cash and ammo really, you can do pretty much anything else fairly easily anyway.

what about it??
would take the fun out of the game entirely

and using save editors with god mod to unlock them easier isnt? haha :laughing:

its just money and guns i want. id try hex editing but im **** at it lol

XB36Hazard has made a nice one with many features its integrated into his website and it works great

use horizon to extract your whole save to desktop and to work the tool you must register to the site then in menu on the left click the Infinity sign then click the controller logo (not the bottom one the other) then click browse and select your save which will open the editor… when finished save it then download which will give you the modded save inside a RAR file that you extract and replace your old save with horizon simple

heres a save iv modded with the editor if your curious
has maxed stats, gunskills, cash and various things

here ya go download and enjoy :smile:

sorry the first one was for a jtag file here the save editor one

this one doesn’t seem to read the file i tried this one yesterday.
i dont know if the files maybe a different format since the re-release and thats why it doesn’t work

ok ya just seen that one is for the PC GTA

this one is the true 360 editor its from 360heaven and it is made with infinity so u may have to make an account works great for me also has a video

I don’t think there is a single working SA editor out there… I have been looking everywhere and the one from 360Haven the website is on maintenance the “infinity” website and the XPGamesaves save editor doesn’t even open…

Has anyone looked into extracting a save from its container and then trying to run that through one of the well developed PC version editors out there? Those covered everything and it would be easier than reinventing the wheel.