[App/Beta] Party Buffalo Drive Explorer

This is an app I’ve been working on for a while off and on… and the timeline sort of goes like this:
Beginning of September, Cody thinks a good project would be to work on a FATX explorer->I start working on one->get some core **** done->re-organize my classes since they were very unorganized->got really pissed off at my extraction function since it took forever for an 808kb file, and the problem was that I wasn’t caching stuff->fix that->start working on writing functions (this is sometime in October since I do have school and did do football so I didn’t have much time for stuff)->**** gets ed->don’t work on this **** for like 2 or 3 weeks->find out there’s some more stuff that’s bad with my reading function ( I can do to speed it up)->fix that problem, continue working on writing functions->reading **** is pretty much good, decide to release a beta.

TL;DR I got lazy and procrastinated a lot.

Anyway, this **** was coded from ground up… and for this beta only has reading functions enabled since I don’t want anyone ****ing up their hard drive. I just want to see if anyone encounters any reading problems before I get really in to the writing functions and wind up ****ing everything up.

To use: RUN THIS **** AS ADMINISTRATOR. IF YOU DON’T YOUR DRIVE WILL NOT BE DETECTED. Press File->Open->Open device of your type (for drives, select drive selector, for a backup, select open backup). Carry on as your would normally.

Features so far…

  • Backing up of drive
  • Extracting files
  • Reading files
  • Reading backups/files that are a single FATX partition (such as the xlaunch.fdf file found in devkats)
  • USB support added 1/13/2010

Future updates…

  • USB support – Done
  • NO memory unit support because no one ever used those to begin with – People actually use these still… adding
  • Backing up security sector, josh sector
  • Writing to individual sectors/clusters
  • Reading form individual sectors/clusters
  • STFS implimentation (so you can see the game name/file name of an STFS package)
  • Maybe undeletion…
  • Anything else that people would want
  • Package creation

This app might cost something cheap like $5, or free for Horizon Diamond members, or just free all around. Still haven’t decided.


Virus Scan:

Alright, there’s been a turn in development. Instead of keeping this closed-source, and having licensing and all that junk, I’ve decided I’ll just make it open-source. I figured it would be too annoying for Cheater for me to ask him every time I need to update for him to obfuscate the executable, and then to have to create a licensing system would be annoying as hell.

The code in just about every single one of the forms is really messy. Please excuse that. Also, if you use the dev build, you’re doing so at your own risk… I wrote a lot of the code in the writing quickly, and have barely tested any of it. So if you’re using a hard drive, or anything else you don’t want to get messed up on accident, please use enable beta mode by changing the bool at line 16 of the main form to true.

Here is the source code:


And an updated executable with undeletion mode, a few bug fixes, and the manual partition mode can be found here:


If you want to donate, do so hurr: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=JWATGN6RETA5Y&lc=US&item_name=Party%20Buffalo%20Drive%20Explorer&currency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF%3Abtn_donateCC_LG.gif%3ANonHosted

Think you had enough ******'s? And nice program indeed.

Wow very nice dude.

Cool, but I’ve pretty much got FATX covered. ;p

You got competition on your overpriced FATx!

It costs no more than a normal commercial grade software. And if you put in hours of effort a day for an entire year on it, you would understand. ;p

The source. Horizon’s source which has many stuff that only few people would know how to do would go for 1k.

I created these libraries/this app mainly as a personal project to say I’ve done an extensive project… basically everything I’ve ever done has been a quick app that’s a binary reader, some offsets, and a binary writer - nothing too challenging.

IDK. Party Buffalo sounds a lot more user friendly :worried:

I mean you’re somewhat right, but didn’t you buy the libraries?
So I mean a year sounds a little slow.

I’m not coding expert, but just seems a little slow.

Imma tell you straight up Eaton, I think your app is nice and all, but most users won’t pay $25 for an app that does pretty much everything that the average user does – and can get for free from other apps such as Xplorer or Xport. Now, for people who are seriously ****ed with their drives and need something more user friendly or more advanced tools, your app is great. I’m not saying you haven’t put a lot of work and research in to your app/libraries, but let’s get some real talk here.

What I don’t like most about it is how you advertise the **** out of it. Point in case… FATX - Free60.

Thank you times 1k! His app is nice and all, but it’s just to over-hyped or it’s like a bad case of over-exaduration. I’m not trying to flame or be a troll, this is my honest opinion.

On topic now, Good job CLK. This looks pretty well put together.


Quick note: if you try going in to your compatibility partition, you will get a bunch of retardedness - this is because I accidentally typed SectorSize() when I meant to type ClusterSize() in one of my functions.

Nice Program Bro!

Thanks, I like your signature :wink:

Does it come with an update feature just incase there is a bug or w/e?

Also will this be put into GruntMods? Since I think you’re on the team.

Nah, surprisingly I completely forgot to put in an update feature – I guess I was just wanting to put this out and see what people can find as far as bugs/performance issues go (to go more in to more detail about that, I wasn’t too focused on the GUI/making the app pretty as I’m trying to get my base classes down). And no, this will not be going in to Grunt Modder, as I no longer work on that project.

Ahh okay :smile:

Well lemme download and give it a try. I will post any bugs I find.

Doesn’t find my 256 mb memory card -.-