App Horizon

App Changelog


Desktop app update details will be posted here! Stay tuned.



New Stuff

  • This! We now have a changelog! :tada:
  • Added some new objectives so you can earn more WePoints
  • Far Cry 5 is now supported


  • Fixed trainer loading issues with games running as Admin
  • Improved error reporting to catch bugs quickly :bug:



New Stuff

  • Infinity 4 is here with a new layout and powerful new features!
  • Multiple creators can now work on the same game :hammer_and_wrench:
  • See which game versions you have installed and which trainers are compatible
  • Game news, powered by Steam, added to each game screen
  • Introducing Version Guard :shield:

Version Guard

  • No more waiting around for trainer updates :sunglasses:
  • Version Guard lets you play older versions of your games that are known to be compatible with trainers.
  • Check out the beta in the Settings tab!


  • Speeeeed. Things are loading faster than ever.
  • The games have been moved to a sidebar
  • Improved compatibility with games that run as admin


v4.0.1 - v4.0.6


  • Added option to disable closing to the system tray
  • Fixed Windows Store apps not being detected in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to run trainers for newer game versions
  • Fixed trainer list being empty when specific custom game installations were selected
  • Removed the hash power feature. Thank you to everybody who participated - you’ll get a free week of Pro. The feature will be back again one day.




  • Fixed some games showing no trainers supported
  • Fixed Windows Store games on other disks not being found
  • Improved speed of game version reading




  • Fixed latest game versions not being shown as installed
  • Fixed flickering sidebar game thumbnails while searching
  • Improved sidebar performance




  • Added a “New” badge next to games that you haven’t seen yet
  • Fixed compatibility with specific games that use launchers
  • Fixed Version Guard not installing after previously being uninstalled
  • Fixed a bug that prevented navigation to the games list
  • Fixed window background color




  • Fixed compatibility with some 32-bit Steam games on 64-bit platforms
  • Fixed a rare bug in which the Games tab wouldn’t load




  • Fixed an issue with trainer compatibility and installed Steam DLC
  • Fixed a Version Guard crash when there’s no internet connection to download the game compatibility list




  • Improved game compatibility




  • New Version Guard info dialog
  • Version Guard version selector is now shown by default
  • Improved game compatibility



New Stuff

  • Infinity is now WeMod! Check out our announcement to learn more!
  • Brand new app design with theme support :frame_with_picture:
  • Multiple creators can now work on the same game
  • Activity feed showing new and updated trainers :new:
  • Vote for new trainers directly in the app
  • Update your profile in settings :hammer_and_wrench:


  • Faster app startup time :timer_clock:
  • Far less CPU usage
  • Smoother navigation
  • Version Guard stability fixes




  • Improved v4 to v5 upgrade process
  • Fixed billing settings not being shown in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to navigate to the Games tab :tada:



New Stuff

  • Added new purple and orange themes :framed_picture:
  • Changed the default theme to purple, as it always should have been. Whoops…


  • Fixed last played and trainer release dates in the Games tab
  • Resized the activity feed so you can see more :arrow_up_down:
  • Added a tooltip that reminds you to hit Play before using the cheats :thinking:
  • Fixed Request tab search bug



New Stuff

  • Added a tour to learn how the app works :world_map:
  • You’ll now be notified when an app update is ready to be installed


  • Added a message for when a game is unsupported instead of silently failing when trying to vote :sweat_smile:
  • Fixed objectives not updating when there are connection issues
  • Fixed not being able to update your password if you never had one set




  • Improved support for games with special launch requirements
  • Fixed games being shown as unsupported after voting. Thanks @AcePup




  • Fixed support for titles with multiple games
  • Fixed games not showing up in the Requests tab if there are already trainers available for the same title




  • Fixed ordering of games in the requests leaderboard. Thanks @STN



New Stuff

  • The search bar now searches both games and requests


  • Significantly reduced CPU usage when monitoring hotkey presses
  • Show the year trainers were updated if they weren’t updated in the past year
  • Made the loading spinner color match the selected theme


  • The “Restart Now” button for updates actually works now
  • Show the trainer update date instead of the release date
  • In-app cheat controls were supposed to be Pro-only. Now they are
  • Fixed app tour not showing up
  • Fixed PayPal checkout not completing
  • Fixed dashboad background flickering




  • Added a What’s Version Guard? dialog. You can access it in settings for now.


  • Changed native window background color to match the loading screen. Now the app won’t flash green on startup :+1:
  • Fixed empty window appearing over app after previous update. Thanks @kaka50