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I noticed that with a recent update you can no longer enable or disable mods unless you click play and have the game running. But why change that? The old way was better without this added restriction

The number of members playing a game. Why change from an exact number to a simplified number (for instance 121,407 vs 121k). The old way looked and worked better I think

Sorry if I seem a little irked. Did not intend to.

I love WeMod and have been using it very often since I first discovered it. Thank y’all for your work on all of this!

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You need to have saved mods enabled on the game to do this. It has not been removed or changed.

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Oh my lord it hasn’t? Now I feel silly. I do and have had save mods enabled. Just turned it off and back on but I’m still getting the same thing I must click play to enable or disable mods. Let me take a screenshot for you

Hmm I don’t think that was an intended change but let me double check.


Alright no problem, thought I’d bring it to y’alls attention.

I appreciate your quick response and trying to help! :smiley:

Have a great one!

Edit: Just updated the app and the problem is fixed!!! Thanks so much again!! !! Glad y’all were able to get it sorted super fast!