Asking trainer for Killer Instinct

Hello, I don’t know where to post so I’m writing here :slight_smile:

Mr. antifun has made a trainer for Killer Instinct, some day on his old activities.
It’s possible to bring that on WeeMod platform ?
Because I’ve tried to download the trainer from his website and a Trojan are inside(and install a true malware after double click :confused: )

Great day everyone and thank’s the team for the good work

ps: And guys don’t forget to look at the topic for free games inside this forum.
I’ve built an amazing game collection just for free, logging time to time and following link from the WeMod platform to give away free (good) games.

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Hey @JePrendSoinDeMoi ,

Killer Instinct is in the queue to be added at some point. If you search for Killer Instinct in the WeMod app, you’ll see that both the Windows Store and Steam versions are in the queue:

You can click the “Notify me” button which will automatically send you a system email when a trainer is added to WeMod for this game or any game that currently isn’t supported by WeMod.

Hope this helps you out! :slightly_smiling_face: