Assassins Creed 3 - New York Underground

Hi everyone I’m trying to get 100% sync on ac 3 and im having trouble with finding all the underground entrances in New York. In the log book it says ive found all 11 underground entrances which I have confired however when I go onto the DNA tracker in the start menu it says i only have 84% of West NY’s underground entrances. Any help is much appreciated

hope this helps

i put no. 10 in the image b2g rogue posted… i have absolutely no idea where no. 11 is tho… have been underground for like 45 mins looking for it…

you get access to no.11 during sequence 12 whilst after charles lee, the red dot shows where it will be, the connor marker is also a travel marker it where i come in, so there are 11 doors on the pic