Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cheats and Trainer for Steam

can you bring back the old cheats

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Everyone here including me have the same issue with the Trainer Inventory mod not working like the money mod metal & wood mod. Please fix this soon thank you

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Some of the cheats are not working anymore on steam version. Maybe its because what’s on steam now is have the Gold Edition. Hoping it will update soon.

guys scroll up and use that trainer i linked. it works with the most current steam version. @Rouruki

Oh thank you. But unfortunately, I’m unable to play the game because it’s broken. I’m stuck on Kenway’s Fleet and unable to progress the game.

I’ve tried to use nexusmod for the fix and steamguide yet still doesn’t solve the issue.

If you have any way that can help me, I would be thankful.

Unlimited Resources, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Weapons ( Fire Barrels, Mortars, Cannons, Chasers ), Unlimited Ammo for guns and Unlimited Health and also No Reload cheat are all no longer working… Please fix this issue asap as I’m dissatisfied with such errors to happen here of all places

Game is crashing while it starts.

One of these keep causing the game to crash. Any ideas?

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same here, play a while and the game crashes with the mods active. please update.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring back ship health! it’s the only cheat I wanted!!! Also, I too have had LOTS of crashes but only when game is loading, either starting game or starting/ending missions etc. So I turn off all cheats before the game does any loading and it’s been mostly fine, although it is a pain to have to keep turning off and on each load, and sometimes won’t know when it does need to load like end of missions will crash, fortunately I have played it through before and know where most loads are but not all and I imagine for those who haven’t played though or at all, it would be much hard to pause and turn off all before loading… also can’t use save cheats as it will crash on first start too.

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Get the game version you used to have thats it, as I still have the original version of black flag from when these cheats were made it plays perfect,Even those little 2 kb updates count.

Currently the game crashes in battle mode outside missions (if you activate the cheats) if you dont the games is normal

Will this Trainer be updated for Gold Edition?

I even tried with the standalone version of Fling trainer and inf. ship health and stealth won’t work.

Hey, STiNGERR and or MrAntiFun is there any chance we could get this updated? With the gold edition out, it has pretty much made it so the trainer can not be used—many thanks for considering my request.


I know Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is an old game, but I’m playing it again and have run into some issues. I can start the game fine through the app, but once it starts up it will shut down again. I bought the game through Steam and am running Windows 11 on a fully supported gaming PC. I have the latest version of WebMod v9.2.1 and I have tried various fixes suggested online, including here in this forum, but the issue still persists.

I managed to play it just once, for about ten minutes, then after that it shuts down. I even got the special trainer I found on your forum just for the game, but the problem continues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because otherwise I bought a game I can no longer play and WebMod would be useless for me.

Thank you

Ok I managed to start the game again and got as far as leaving the first harbor, then it just crashed. Starting the game sometimes it will quit on loading screen, sometimes I make it as far as waiting for my game to load and then it quits. Very frustrating. I’ve tried a ton of suggestions from this thread and others, but nothing seems to fix it. Could it be the Xbox controller I’m using?

My PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X / GIGABYTE X570 AORUS MASTER / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / G.SKILL 32GB / WINDOWS 11 PRO

Game running CPU temps are between 50-60, graphic card is around 60

Ok I think I’ve fixed it. I had Steam open, but instead of playing the game through Steam I pressed the “X” button on the controller and a different screen opened (see attachments below). I believe this screen is Xbox related and I was able to flip through these screens with the controller and select “Play” and the game loaded. There were no hiccups this time. The game started and I was able to play for the rest of the day without any issues. So somehow this seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll post back after I’ve played a while and see what happens.