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Assassins Creed Odyssey: LOWER XP rate?


Hi guys!

I’m mostly a Nexus kind of guy (grizzled veteran of Skyrim modding), but since I haven’t found what I need on Nexus,* I thought I’d ask here:

I’m a bit of a completionist - or with this game, in this case, I simply ENJOY roaming around the game world doing quests and stuff. Only, I’m accumulating XP waaay too fast. At this rate I’ll hit the level cap well before I’m halfway through the main quest. I guess I’ll keep going - I mean, I want to found out how the story ends - but it takes a lot out of the game when you can’t keep levelling up, and when there aren’t some regions where you’d be seriously underpowered. (It also helps you get a feel for where your mainquest priorities ought to be … )

NOW, the WeMod app has a fully functional XP slider - but it only lets me RAISE the XP rate, not LOWER it. If I try to go below 0 it just throws a bonky error noise (and the slider stay at 0).

Any chance of opening up the negative numbers? It SEEMS like this wouldn’t be too difficult. Heck, if someone did it, I’d be happy to buy the “pro” version just to say thank you!

*Yeah, there’s a Nexus mod that WOULD actually do that, but it hasn’t been updated for the current version of AC:Od.




It isn’t possible for us to make it go negative. Sunbeam posted the section of code you need if you know how to use cheat engine and want to change it. It is the AC Odyssey Uplay trainer thread.


If it were possible, I’d let negative XP in. The way the game is coded you can only go up. Plus it’d ■■■■ up the things XP unlocks along the way; and then you’d say “I want negative XP, but to also benefit from the things that XP levels unlock, which are now gone/locked”. Just cuz it seems simple from user perspective to think negatives are simple to work out (they’re numbers with a sign, right?) doesn’t mean it also makes sense in the context of the game. Sure, in the outside world maybe; but not in this game.


Heya. No problem. Got Cheat Engine installed, and it gets the job done just fine. Guys over there even got me set up with a sweet LUA script!

BTW. I’m not saying I want a negative XP rate - i.e., that I’d go through the game and actually lose XP! That would be pretty freaky!

I just wanted to drop the XP multiplier below 1.0 so that I can keep playing but not advance as quickly. Since I waited waaaay to long to do this, I now have the multiplier set to 0.1, so that I only get 1/10th of the normal amount of XP.