Assassin's Creed Odyssey Undiscovered Locations


I’m currently experiencing an issue where my locations in game world map that I’ve discovered are now undiscovered. This happens when the the game crashes and I have to relaunch WeMod and start ACO. It happened twice where I have to restart ACO through WeMod. When it first crashed I thought it was my squinty eyes seeing things and just went to those locations again. Now that I’ve progressed almost end game, most of the places that I know I’ve discovered already are now “?”. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’ve tried reloading old save games before the crashes and they do the same thing. The only place that is left intact is the starting Island when you begin your journey. The only theory that I have that could explain said issue is me using world map teleport from the trainer. I use it mainly on NPC, synchronized points, and selected way points on land if I must.

My rig, by today standards, is not top of the line from when I first built it, but it runs ACO on ultra with no issues in FPS. Never had any crash issues until after I started using WeMod. No other windows or applications are ran in the background simultaneously except the trainer and game.

Tech Specs:

6th gen i5 6600k (3.50ghz)
Asus Z170 ZTE
980 TI Classified 6gb (Overclocked)
16gb ram (corsair ddr4)
Windows 10

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