Assassin's Creed Valhalla Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

I’ve seen some other people mention this issue on here so I just wanted to +1

When unlimited xp is used, after all skills are purchased there will be skill points leftover. Not only is this irritating enough to turn it off in the HUD, but it auto-scales enemies and DLC packs to the TOTAL power level of your character. This means we really need a way to remove those excess skill points.

If we can’t get some sort of update for this option, does anyone know another way to do it? Some CheatEngine table that has the info we need?

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Is it possible to get these mods for the Xbox Version? :slight_smile:

@Chris Hey can we get an update so some of the currencty in the DLCs can be added aswell in the wemod vahalla section ? :slight_smile:

So I’m not entirely sure if this is intended behavior, but I did want to mention this as it should work as a workaround for the mod not adding Foreign Materials. The “No Building Requirements” cheat seems to also remove the resource requirements from not just buildings, but any shops which use anything except silver and opals. So, while we can’t give ourselves infinite Foreign Supplies just yet, it is possible to just buy everything you need them for anyway.

P.S I think this might also work for the Vinland traders? I haven’t tested it but I don’t see why it’d work with Vagn and not them.

Any chance of unlimited “Foreign Supplies” that is collected on river raids only?

Auto Open Barred doors, worst feature in game.


Well One hit stun crash game after a few minutes of play was no like that before.

Unlimited silver and resources isn’t working for me, i already have some silver but every time i activate the cheat it deactivates automatically immediatly.

Same happens with the unlimited crafting materials.

WIth the upper levels using this mod the game crashes. as soon as you attach or a fight starts. If i don’t use winmod the game doesn’t have a problem.

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It works for the Vinland traders as well. Might be a late reply but I did it the other day.

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is this updated for 1.7.0? i guess it is but still, the no upgrade requirements and infinite upgrade materials cheats make my game crash.

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can you guys make cheats for ubisoft+ play?

I am using the Ubisoft option with my Ubisoft+ version and they are working fine

@FLiNG not sure if there are any plans for updates on this anymore but I’m using the Unbisoft version and the Max Exp is causing crash when enabled so might be worth adding a note or having someone remove the option from the cheat sheet. Multiplier is working fine still.

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It’s also crashing with the Steam version.

The infinite silver & resources options doesn’t work anymore

Nvm, turned out i was using the options incorrect. Guess i should have read the information on the option