Asserition how to fix

How do I fix this

What version of C++ do you have installed?

Also what were you doing when this happened?

I have 2012 versoin 4 and I was going to mod gta 5 and when I pressed start game then this happened

I completely forgot to check that XD

I updated the game yesterday for the latest update. What is your game version?

That lastest dlc

Give your video-card an update your visual C++
May be usefull ever visual C++ from 2008 - 2015 repair re archive your directory and accept the new updates.

Can you show me your pc/laptops specs pls

Can you go to your game .exe Properties tab and tell me the exact version number? like 1.0.XXX?

I’m thinking the game is saved in an interesting location for it to be a legit copy.


what files do you need to unblocked in the anti virus program

That is an old version and the trainer doesn’t support that version, please update to 1.0.944.2.

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First update your visual C++ if that doesn’t work then we’re gonna start with the anti viurs but it is for mostly like 80% that it has to mean with your drivers.

So download Microsoft Visual C++ packs from 2008 - 2015 “UPDATE or Repair”.

You know where to find them ?

Unknown, the developer for the GTA V trainer, replied telling him how to fix it. He is using an outdated version of GTA that we don’t support.

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how do I update the game on steam

STEAM automatically updates the Games currently installed on the client, unless you are using it Offline, or have chosen not to force update any particular Game.

Just Right click the game in the steam client, and then go to properties.

After that go to the Updates Tab. From there in the drop down menu you can select the “automatic updates” options, like high priority, or ‘always keep this game up to date’.
A Reboot and restart of the steam client may be required…