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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I have just tried them again and I have no issues as of yet ^^


its version pre alpha, it worked for a while then it quit, and no, i havnt updated it, just wondered why it quit working on that version


Because i updated the trainer for latest steam version. You can get v0 3 10197 0 free


Oh thanks for the info, i dont know where i can get the latest version, ill look into it.


Ok, thanks, updated my game and it works completely


i think they need to add a all research in this
really apreaciated if they did


I aggree


So is it possible to get a “unlock all research” cheat?


Too busy with other trainers, i am sorry :frowning:




are you sure you cant add unlock all research? It would be REALLY helpfull


He can.
But he has no time for it right now


only works unlimited tools. all others are turned off alone T.T


please update huge update came out yesterday, maybe inf health, hate dying so fast. anywhere i go its annoying


None of the cheats seem to be working. Game starts correctly from the cheat page, but no sound when you hit cheat key and nothing seems to change in game. Understand that an update was released earlier which might be the cause of the problem.


Hey can you pleeeeease bring back massive resources? that was the best one!


Can you please add a all blueprints cheat? that would be awesome. :smiley:


Unlimited Oxygen option is not working.


Did the game have an update again?


Yes yesterday there was a patch. It is now at 0.4.10221.0.

Also, not sure what the Unlimited Tool option is supposed to do, I saw no difference. Thanks!