ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The F3 doesnt work it just makes it impossible to see how much oxygen you have

I need the cheat that allow me to craft any items on the printer :wink: thanks

Unlimited health and unlimited oxygen doesn’t work anymore after the update

Functional Features

  • Unlimited Bytes
  • Easy Suit Craft

Currently Broken Features

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Suit Oxygen

Questionable Functionality

  • Unlimited Suit Energy (Can be enabled but forces the suit to have power issues when off of tethers.)

Also, I’m on board with everyone else about the completely free crafting for everything if it’s possible. Would be a very useful feature with how scarce resources can get.

hi, if you check the trainer history there was a free craft for everything but this cheat make the game crash, that why have be remove but you still get the first item free from the suit and printers only need to get other materials, also is easy to mass get all resources with the auto-extractor there is a video on youtube that show you to how make auto extractor go more faster i even use 2 at the same time also there is a way to keep extracting in same place after the extractor stop, you need to save and reload move the extractor a bit and you keep get resource in same place no even need to move is almost infinite resource, hope this help :slight_smile:

The ASTRONEER cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Cheat Request

Would there by chance be a way you could make a toggle for creative mode? If not no worries but I am quite curious since I’ve seen a few other trainers with that function.

The game itself has that. Click the paintbrush icon on the pause menu.

before you use creative mode let tell you this, you no going to able to complete any of the archivents of the game, i think you get a warring before toggle the creative mode if i remember right.

I support this request!

A general easy or free craft option whould be very nice.

I mean, in a earlier version i had it that the ressources got duplicated or not used when i used them or so what resulted in some kind of “infinite materials” but/glitch but this didnt happen anymore since a few game updates.

they remove that cheat from the trainer cuz crash the game every time you use it

Can i please have the option to select how many bytes i have? only needed a few to unlock something so i would die and lose a bunch of stuff but im now stuck with a bunch and dont want to ruin my game

My Cheats arnt working I press the keybinds it makes the sound but the cheats dont work they turn on then off, could you help