Average Xbox gamerscore is 11,286, but what's yours?

Microsoft has revealed that the average Xbox LIVE user has a gamerscore of 11,286. Interesting, but the highest gamerscore stands at over 540k! Anyhow, how do you compare to the average gamerscore of 11,286? Do you fare much better or even much worse? Drop us a line and let us know!

[size=9]Source: thetechgame.com[/size]

0 GS

450g. I got reset.

140g I also got reset.


33,895 :stuck_out_tongue:

i got reste from 17812731 then banned for like 3 months

15,000G on my main LEGIT account :smile:

  1. Legit.

34,461. I haven’t played on live in a long time, because I wouldn’t use my jtag online, so I missed out on a lot of points that I got offline before the games were released.

At least I know my XBL score is legit from games i’ve purchased.

im am at CHEATER status :smile:

I had around 13k before modded then reset

43419 Legit.

like 2540 or somthing like that :thimbsup:

i got reset

idk i think mines around 12k, even tho i got reset 4 times, haha suckers

got another 10kish on my offline jtag profile

Thats not the highest my friend has 560, The Bad Pro is his GT

legit account is 72,194
modded is 821,055

36,188. No modz. :smiley: